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Council Tax £150 energy rebate: Post Office cash payments


  1. Overview
  2. Post Office cash payments
  3. Eligibility
  4. Discretionary payments (for those on low incomes in band E to H)
  5. Watch out for scams
  6. More information

Post Office cash payments

We are using the Post Office to make a £150 cash payment to residents where we have been unable to verify their bank details.

This includes residents who:

  • have applied for the rebate, but the details they provided do not exactly match the information held by their bank
  • have recently opened a new bank account, or
  • are customers with a bank that isn't signed up to a system that can verify their details

How to claim

If you are affected, you will receive a letter which includes a barcode you can use to collect a cash payment from any Post Office branch.

You will need to take your letter along with ONE of the following documents:

  • Passport or Driver's Licence
  • National Identity Card or HM Armed Forces ID Card
  • Over 60's Concessionary Bus Pass with photo ID
  • Bank statement from the last 3 months (showing your name and address)
  • Utility bill from the last 3 months (showing your name and address)
  • Debit or credit card (showing your name)

Please DO NOT destroy your letter - you need it to collect your payment from the Post Office.

You need to collect your payment within one month from the date of your letter.

If you don't claim

If you do not collect your payment from the Post Office within the time period, we will credit your Council Tax account with £150 as a last resort to make sure you get the money that is due to you.

Your Council Tax bill for 2022/23 will be reduced by £150 and we will send you a new bill.

For more information 

If you receive a Post Office voucher and have any queries, please contact the Council Tax Team on 0191 424 4330

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