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Resources for carers


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Resources for carers

Carers UK have created a digital resource to support those looking after a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill. 

Carers will need to sign up to access the Carers Digital Website.

Visit and use our unique access code DGTL1952 to create an account for free.

Using the code will give you access to the following digital products and online resources: 


Carers will have access to advice and information relevant to their situation. They will be able to identify sources of support including technology, as well as promoting their own health and well being.

Jointly app

Jointly is a care co-ordination app designed to make caring for someone a little easier.

It stores and shares information about the person being cared for, and can be used to set up appointments, allocate tasks and manage medication.

To use Jointly for free, you must create an account on the Jointly website and redeem the access code. 

  1. Visit the Jointly website and click 'Sign up'
  2. Complete the form, and press 'Sign up' again at the bottom
  3. Click 'Create a new circle' and select 'Use free access code'
  4. Enter the code and click 'Redeem'

Then you can download the app and log in with the details you used to register. 

Free publications

Carers UK guides, leaflets and posters provide carers with essential reading including an Up front guide to caring, Carers Rights Guide and Being heard: A self-advocacy guide for carers. 

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