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Bridge Works Captured in Fascinating Film

Fascinating footage captures the process of a South Tyneside footbridge being dismantled and reassembled.


Timelapse film shows the Kirkstone Avenue bridge in Jarrow being removed from site to be repaired and then reinstalled.


The 52-year-old structure, known locally as the Banana Bridge, spans the A19 south of the Lindisfarne roundabout.

The bridge has has undergone a full structural refurbishment, which included concrete repairs, resurfacing, new bridge joints, full re-waterproofing of the bridge deck and replacement parapets.

The timelapse video captures overnight works in which the bridge is hoisted section by section with a crane to be taken off site for repairs, then brought back to be reinstalled.

The refurbishment, funded by the Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund, also included replacement of the parapets as well as raising the level of the bridge above the A19 to enable removal of the existing limited headroom restrictions on the A19 slip roads.

Cllr Jim Foreman, Lead Member for Housing and Transport, said: "This is really something to watch.

"It's fascinating seeing how the bridge is carefully brought down piece-by-piece then reconstructed once the refurbishment had been carried out.

"This is a well-used bridge connecting communities on either side of the road so I am sure local residents will be really pleased that it is back in use again.

"Having a safe and efficient highways and infrastructure network is vital to support sustainable growth and help keep our businesses and communities connected as well as helping us deliver on our key priority of investing in the built environment."

Esh Construction carried out the bridge works, as well as works to the Albert Road bridge on the A185 in Jarrow.

Steve Conn, Divisional Director at Esh Construction, said: "Both Kirkstone Avenue and Albert Road bridges have undergone complex structural upgrades and refurbishment works while spanning busy transport infrastructure at each location. 

"We are pleased to complete these technically challenging works and re-open the bridges to keep the local community connected."

Whilst the bridge works were ongoing, the Council, using  funding from the Transforming Cities Fund, also invested in the provision of a cycleway alongside the A19 which connects the Tyne Pedestrian and Cycling Tunnel to the International Advanced Manufacturing Park and to the Nissan Plant in Sunderland.

View timelapse footage of the refurbishment of the Kirkstone Avenue footbridge

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