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South Shields regeneration: South Shields Town Centre


  1. Overview
  2. Progress so far
  3. Aims for the town centre


South Shields Town Centre is subject to ongoing regeneration.

The Word and Transport Interchange are major successes, which have changed the face of South Shields and generated private sector confidence to invest.

Increasing footfall is paramount. The Council is working to unlock land for redevelopment, creating the environment and infrastructure for private sector investment, and increase the residential population.

The main shopping areas in South Shields are in private ownership.

South Shields has a thriving market with plans for food and Christmas markets, in addition to the weekly Saturday and Friday market. 

Progress so far

The completion of phase one and two of the South Shields regeneration scheme includes:

Demolition work is underway to create opportunities for future development.

Aims for the town centre

  • To become a once more vibrant shopping centre
  • Improved pedestrian circulation around the retail area
  • Easy access to transport links and parking 
  • To improve the entertainment offer
  • To diversify the town centre

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