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Payslips for staff


  1. Overview of what's changing
  2. How the system works
  3. Timeline
  4. Additional support
  5. If you can't access the system

Overview of what's changing

By the end of 2021, all Council, South Tyneside Homes and schools employees will get their payslips online.

If you don't currently get your payslips online, you will start to get your payslips online from September or October 2021. You will be able to access your payslip from any device that has internet access.

If you already get your payslips online, you will also be able to access the system from any device with internet access - not just your work computer. When logging in from outside the Council / South Tyneside Homes network, you will have to give slightly more information, to make sure it's secure. 

Moving to an online system means:

  • your payslips are all in one place, and you can access them at any time 
  • we are contributing to the Council's climate change agenda

How the system works 

You will be able to: 

  • view your payslips online   
  • download, print and save your payslips    

You will need a device that can access the internet, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.  

You will usually be able to see your payslip five days before pay day. This means you can check your pay and raise any queries before pay day.   

The amount you get paid and the date you get paid has not changed.  

You will be able to see payslips dating back to:  

  • September 2020 - for Council and schools (apart from Monkton Juniors) employees
  • January 2021 - for South Tyneside Homes employees
  • September 2021  - for Monkton Juniors employees 

Copies of any older payslips will still be available directly from the Payroll Team if needed.


September 2021: A pilot group of 100 staff from across different areas will be invited to log onto the system to view their September payslip. 

October 2021: All staff will be invited to log onto the system to view their October payslip. 

From February 2022: You will no longer automatically get a printed payslip. January 2022 is the last printed payslip you will automatically get.  

Additional support 

Guidance and additional support is being prepared for anyone who may need additional support in accessing their online payslips in advance of printed payslips being discontinued. 

If you can't access the system 

You will continue to get a printed payslip delivered to your home until January 2022.

We understand that a small number of staff may be unable to access online payslips, if you have any concerns regarding this please discuss this with your line manager in the first instance.

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