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East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan referendum


  1. Result of the referendum
  2. Specified documents
  3. How to find out more

Result of the referendum

A Neighbourhood Planning Referendum was held for the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 28 October 2021.

The referendum asked residents who live in the defined East Boldon neighbourhood forum area the following question:

Do you want South Tyneside Council to use the neighbourhood plan for East Boldon to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The results are as follows:

 Number of votesPercentage
Number cast in favour of YES136295.1%
Number cast in favour of NO704.9%

See the declaration of the result of the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.

Specified documents

South Tyneside Council is required to make available a number of documents relevant to holding the referendum. These are called the Specified Documents. The specified documents are:

How to find out more

Further general information on neighbourhood planning, including documents relating to the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan can be found at East Boldon Neighbourhood Planning.

For queries about planning issues and neighbourhood planning in general, please contact South Tyneside Council's Planning Policy Team by email at


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