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Public Health news: Back Care Awareness Week

September 2021

Back Care Awareness week (4-8th October)

Physiotherapists are the experts in treating and preventing  back pain but hear many misconceptions about what is causing it and how it can be treated safely. The NHS Community Musculoskeletal service provided by Connect Health have provided the following guidance to help you understand what the latest evidence tells us about how best to tackle low back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will moving make my back pain worse?

A. Don't fear twisting and bending - it's essential to keep moving. Gradually increase how much you are doing and stay on the go.

Q. Should I avoid exercise, especially weight training?

A. Back pain shouldn't stop you enjoying exercise or regular activities. In fact, studies found that continuing with these can help you get better sooner - including using weights where appropriate.

Q.  Will a scan show me exactly what is wrong?

A. Sometimes it will, but most often it won't. Also, even people without back pain can have changes in their spine such as degeneration and narrowing of discs. Sometimes scans can cause fear that influences behaviour, making the problem worse.

Q. Does pain equal damage?

A. This was previously the established view but more recent research has changed our thinking. Modern physiotherapists take a holistic approach that helps people understand why they are in pain.

Nick Livadas, the Clinical Lead for the local NHS community musculoskeletal service tells us "Back pain is a common problem yet can affect our ability to do the things in life we enjoy. Most cases settle in a few days to weeks but in some people it can become chronic. How we think about back pain influences whet we do about it. Taking an active approach is key to recovery".

If you have low back pain and would like to learn more about how to treat it, please consider self referring to the NHS community musculoskeletal service in South Tyneside by calling Connect Health on 0191 481 3902 or self refer online at Connect Health


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