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Moving school: Deciding whether to move


  1. Overview
  2. Deciding whether to move school
  3. How to apply
  4. After you've applied

Deciding whether to move school

It's important to carefully think about whether moving school is the best option and what effect it might have on your child(ren). 

Years 10 and 11

Generally, changing schools during the last two years of secondary school (years 10 and 11) should be avoided if possible.

These years are very important. This is when pupils prepare for and take their exams. 

Moving schools at this time might have a negative effect on your child's exam results, because:

  • Schools don't always offer the same subjects and syllabus. 
  • Schools don't all use the same exam boards. 
  • Some subjects involve course work that must be sent to exam boards by set dates, and pupils who have not completed the course work may not be able to complete the exam.

Disagreements with the school

You may be thinking about moving your child to a different school because you or your child have had a disagreement with the school. 

Most differences can be resolved when the parent and the school have an open and reasonable discussion.

For help resolving difficulties between you and a school, you can also contact Services for Young People on 0191 424 6333.

We encourage you to settle any differences with the school and only move your child(ren) to another school as a last resort.

Bullying in school

All schools must have an anti-bullying policy. This policy will explain how they respond to all reported incidents of bullying. 

If you are worried or concerned about bullying issues, or your child has reported bullying to you, it is important that you contact the Head Teacher of the school.

The school will try to meet with you to discuss your concerns so that they can work with you and your child to resolve the issues. 

If the issue doesn't get resolved, the next step would be to refer the matter through the school's complaints procedure, which would involve the school's governing body. 

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