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Climate change: How climate change will affect South Tyneside


  1. Overview
  2. Our commitment to become carbon neutral
  3. What we are doing about climate change
  4. How climate change will affect South Tyneside
  5. How you can help
  6. Preparing for a changing climate
  7. Latest news and updates
  8. Strategy and action plan

How climate change will affect South Tyneside

Climate change will affect South Tyneside due to:

Local weather changes

Local weather will keep changing, meaning the Borough will be likely to see:

  • more severe and frequent flooding
  • summer droughts and heatwaves
  • more intense and frequent storms, especially in the winter

This will effect our:

  • transport, with increasing road and rail disruption
  • buildings, including schools, hospitals and businesses
  • health and wellbeing
  • animals and plants
  • food quality and availability 

For more information, see Met Office: Effects of climate change.

Global changes

Global changes will have a local impact.

It is likely that South Tyneside will be affected by:

  • Food shortages
    As a changing climate and overexploited land affect global food production, South Tyneside may see more empty supermarket shelves and fresh produce is likely to decrease in quality and nutritional value.
  • Mass immigration
    An estimated 1 billion climate refugees will be forced northwards by 2050.
  • Further pandemics
    Degraded natural environments increase the likelihood of new virus outbreaks around the world.  
  • Financial problems and unemployment
    The cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action, with poorer regions being the worst hit.
  • Loss of land to sea-level rise
    See Climate Central: Land projected to be below 10-year flood level in 2050

The impact on South Tyneside will depend on how quickly and effectively we act.

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