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Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Powerboating policy

Revised: January 2022


Thurston is an RYA recognised centre. Powerboats can be used as part of the safety cover for other activities, or as part of a specific powerboat training course.


Usual venue is Coniston Water.


  • Ratio: For powerboating courses the relevant RYA Student : Instructor ratios will be followed i.e. Level 2 - 3:1, Safety Boat - 6:1 (2 boats).
  • Staff should be trained and experienced to the level of the appropriate RYA qualification or have in-house approval.


  • Suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions and course requirements.
  • Wet suits are available.
  • Buoyancy aids must be worn by staff and participants when afloat, on the jetty or in the water.
  • Instructor should have a means of communication e.g. mobile phone, VHF radio

Operating considerations

  • The kill cord must be worn at all times.
  • The lake speed limit of 10mph must be observed except in rescue situations or if a "lake speed pass" has been granted by LDNPA.
  • The activities of other lake users should be considered e.g. boats, ferries, swimmers.
  • Wind and water conditions should be checked before the session and monitored throughout.
  • Extreme caution should be taken when swimmers are in the water, with the engine turned off when in close proximity.
  • The boat must not be over loaded, with the number of passengers and load not exceeding the rated capacity of the boat (plate on stern or console).
  • Fuel containers removed from boat for refuelling.
  • Launching and recovery:
    • The tractor may only be driven by trained staff.
    • The trailer winch must be used with care to keep clear of the handle during launching and to ensure the ratchet is fully engaged during recovery.

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