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Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Repairs and breakages procedure

Revised: December 2020

The underlying aim of these procedures is to ensure that any broken or damaged equipment is removed from use, reported and either repaired or disposed of.

Any equipment which is damaged, worn or broken (and hence unsuitable for use) must be removed from usage, reported to the Head of Centre and handled in one of the following ways:

  • Repair Bin - There is a repair bin in the Kit Store for waterproofs and wetsuits etc.
  • Repair Tray - There is a repair tray in the Kit Store for walking boots. These are checked for damage and sent to the cobbler or condemned. Other items should be recorded as quarantined or retired on Papertrail and removed from use in one of the following ways:
    • Red Tags - Items which are not easily moved or listed on Papertrail may be isolated by attaching a Red Tag, clearly labelled DO NOT USE. The Head of Centre or deputy should be informed.
    • Office - Items such as technical climbing gear, ropes, etc. should be removed from service, taken to the office and clearly labelled with details of the problem. Any items will then be repaired or disposed of as appropriate. Retirement of equipment will be recorded on the Papertrail system.

Note: If you are in doubt about the condition of any piece of equipment, remove it from use and report it.

Before equipment is returned to service it must be checked and approved by a suitably qualified person.

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