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Consultation: Walking and cycling improvements: Moor Lane, Cleadon and East Boldon


  1. Overview
  2. About quiet lanes
  3. Background information
  4. Current proposals
  5. What happens next 


We are working to improve safety on Moor Lane (which runs between Cleadon and East Boldon), especially for people who use the route for walking and cycling. 

We are proposing to:

  • introduce a 'quiet lane' on Moor Lane, and
  • introduce traffic calming measures in the surrounding area

About quiet lanes

Quiet lanes are nationally recognised minor rural roads, which people can use for cycling, horse-riding, jogging and walking, while enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside.

Vehicles can still use quiet lanes, but are encouraged to slow down and be more considerate of other road users, or use alternative routes where possible.

Background information

In October 2020, we set up a trial scheme on Moor Lane to create a safe route for all non-motorised users (pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders).

The trial included making the road one-way for vehicles, and allocating the eastbound carriageway for non-motorised users only.

We carried out a six-week consultation about the trial and whether it should be made permanent. We also gathered traffic data to measure the impact of the scheme.

Taking into account feedback from the consultation, we then designed a permanent version of the scheme. We carried out another informal consultation which lasted for three weeks. We received more than 500 responses, both in favour of and opposed to the scheme.  

Current proposals

Using the feedback and data from our previous trial and consultations, we have outlined a potential alternative. 

We propose to: 

  • make Moor Lane 30mph from a point approximately 110 meters east of its junction with Whitburn Road, to its junction with Broadlands
  • make Moor Lane east of Broadlands a 20mph zone, along with the residential area to the north
  • make Moor Lane from its junction with Whitburn Road to a point 110 meters east 20mph, including Sandpiper View
  • introduce traffic calming measures (speed humps) throughout the 20mph zone, to bring traffic speeds within compliance
  • change directional signage to encourage the use of alternative routes
  • make the 30mph section of Moor Lane a Quiet Lane to create a safer environment for NMUs
  • narrow the junction of Woodlands Road and Whitburn Road to improve crossing for pedestrians and reduce the speed of vehicles entering woodlands road

What happens next 

This consultation closed on Friday 5 November 2021. 

We will review all feedback.

Depending on the feedback we get, the proposals may change, or may not go ahead. 

For updates on the next steps, see South Tyneside - Highway Improvement Schemes

Read more about how traffic and parking consultations work.

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