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Carers: How to have your say


  1. Have your say
  2. How to make comments, compliments and complaints

Have your say

You may have questions, concerns or suggestions about how to improve services.

Local health and social care services and some voluntary organisations in South Tyneside give you the change to have your say on local planning and decisions about the way services are provided.

We can put you in touch with useful forums where your views will be heard.

For more information about to have your say on Council services and consultations, see have your say.

If you find it hard to ask for help or to give your views, you can ask a friend or relative to help, or get someone to act on your behalf. 

How to make comments, compliments and complaints 

If you are unhappy with a service and want to make a complaint, you should talk about your concerns straight away by speaking to a member of staff or their manager. This will help to get your concern resolved quickly.

Every service has a procedure to help you make a complaint.

Ask to speak to someone who can tell you what to do next.

We value and respect all views and comments about services. We want to know when things go well and not so well.

We always aim to improve the quality of our services.

Our procedures make sure we deal with your compliments, comments and complaints in the right way.

If you would like to discuss anything, please speak to the person you receive the service from, their manager, or contact our Customer Advocacy Team on 0191 424 6000 or email

For more information see Complaints.

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