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Help for the person you are caring for

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

If you are an informal carer and are worried about how to care for someone during coronavirus (COVID-19), there is information, advice and support available to help you.

For more information see Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information, advice and support for informal carers.


  1. Be involved in making decisions for the person you care for
  2. Carer Passports in hospital
  3. Help with staying independent in their own home
  4. Help with housing
  5. Home dental care
  6. Help from local and national organisations

Be involved in making decisions for the person you care for

You know the person you care for and their needs, so your involvement in decisions about their treatment and care is very important.

You will be involved in these decisions and be given the information you need, unless the person you care for disagrees.

Make sure people are aware of your opinions and wishes about your ability to provide care and support.

Don't be afraid to ask for detailed information and the person's condition and needs, including when they are discharged from hospital.

Carer Passports in hospitals

A Carer Passport in a hospital identifies you as being a carer for one of the hospital's patients.

This will involve you more in the patient's care, and give you further support.

If you are the main carer for someone in hospital, ask the ward if they have a Carer Passport Scheme.

The scheme may allow you to visit outside of normal visiting times, and continue providing care and support e.g. helping with meals.

Carer Passport: Hospitals

Help with staying independent in their own home

Different types of equipment, adaptations and technology could make the home safer, your life easier and provide independence for the person you are caring for.

For more information on making homes more suitable, assistive technology and more see:

Staying independent in your home

Financial support for making changes in the home

The person you're caring for may be able to get a grant towards the cost of making changes to their home.

This is called a 'Disabled Facilities Grant'.

Disabled Facilities Grant

Where to get help

  • AskSARA
    Online tool to help with finding equipment for the home to help with physical and mental health, carrying out tasks around the home and getting out and about for older and disabled adults and children. 
  • The Living Better Lives Resource Centre

Help with housing

If you both decide that moving out of their home is more appropriate, there are options to chose from. See:

Care homes and housing

Independent living (Housing Plus)

South Tyneside Homes' Housing Plus Service brings you options for independent living.

They offer a range of modern, safe and friendly bungalows and apartments across South Tyneside for older people. They are linked to a 24 hour warden call service.

South Tyneside Homes: Independent living (Housing Plus)

Check on your wellbeing

Think about the below questions:

  • Do you need help with managing home repairs, safety and security?
  • Do you feel you need advice or assistance in adapting the home to make life easier due to a disability?
  • Do you worry about leaving the person you care for when you go out or when you are out together?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above:

  • Age Concern Tyneside South (ACTS) can provide home support, a handy person and advice on falls prevention. Call them on 0191 456 6903
  • Bliss=Ability can provide information on what equipment is available and where to access it. Call them on 0191 427 1666

Home dental care

If the person you care for has severe mobility problems, some dentists in South Tyneside will visit their home and provide dental treatment.

Home dental care

Help from local and national organisations

There are lots of organisations and national charities that can help you understand the condition of the person you care for, and provide support to you to help you care well. See:

Care services for adults


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