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Memorial benches


  1. Overview
  2. Choosing a location
  3. Prices
  4. Apply for a memorial bench
  5. After you've applied for a memorial bench
  6. Using the memorial bench
  7. Maintaining the bench
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We're currently receiving a high number of applications

Due to the volume of applications there may be a long delay in receiving a response from the team. 

However, we are working through these applications and aim to contact those who have applied as soon as possible.


We understand how difficult it is losing someone close to you. Some people may wish to remember loved ones by placing a memorial bench.

Memorial benches can be placed in green spaces, parks or seafront areas in the Borough where appropriate.

Wording for plaque

Plaque wordings can be a maximum of 7 lines with 40 characters per line; this includes commas and spaces etc.

Below is a template you can complete to help you with the wording for the plaque.

Memorial bench plaque wording template

Choosing a location for your memorial bench

Let us know which green spaces, parks and seafront area you would like the bench to be fitted. 

We will then work with you to decide the most suitable location for the bench.

See below for a full list of parks, green spaces and seafront areas:


The cost to supply and install a wood / metal bench and plaque is £1,200 including VAT.

Apply for a memorial bench

To apply for a memorial bench, complete the online application form:

Apply for a memorial bench

After you've applied for a memorial bench

Once you have applied, we will review your request and get in touch with you to:

  • confirm the wording on the plaque
  • arrange payment
  • discuss the location

If your chosen location has not been approved, we will suggest a different location for your bench.

Once the bench arrives, we'll install the bench in the agreed location.

This can take up to 8 weeks.

Please note: the design and costs can change without notice.

Using the bench

Anyone can sit on the bench.

If you want to place flowers or mementos on the seat, we would recommend that these don't block the use of the bench.

Please remove old and decaying flowers or mementos from the bench when appropriate.

Maintaining the bench

Due to the location of the benches, especially those on the coast, it is possible that they may become damaged over time.

If the seat deteriorates or becomes damaged beyond reasonable repair, we are under no commitment to repair, replace or to carry out regular painting of the benches.

It is possible that the areas where the benches are placed will be redesigned or refurbished in the future.

Every effort will be made to keep or maintain the bench, but we cannot guarantee that it will not be moved or completely removed.

We are not responsible for the cost of any replacement.

Contact us

For more information please contact

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