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Local Neighbourhoods Scheme: Operating Procedures

The Council budget includes a revenue allowance for the Local Neighbourhoods Scheme, which supports small-scale locally important social projects. The aims and objectives of the scheme are as follows:

  • To fund projects which are a high priority in local terms, but which cannot be funded from other mainstream or borough wide sources.
  • To help local voluntary and community organisations to develop and extend their activities for the benefit of disadvantaged groups.
  • To stimulate self-help within the community, develop a community spirit and enhance local pride within the borough generally.
  • To undertake small scale, locally important improvements and projects which deliver at a local level and fit at least one of the Council's five priorities, detailed on the application form.

The following eligibility criteria will be applied to all applications:

The scheme will support a wide range of social, recreational and arts related initiatives, with the following exceptions:

  • Projects, which relate to purely religious or political activity
  • Projects, which could be more properly funded from an alternative source (either another Council budget or another agency). Council sources should be investigated formally before submitting an application
  • Projects, which relate to transport, sports, video, camping or other equipment, which is available on loan from Council departments or other agencies
  • More than one request for normal revenue running costs of organisations, i.e. wages and salary costs and other routine items
  • Projects being undertaken by organisations already in receipt of revenue support from the Borough Council, except where the assistance is required to support new or extended activity or where an emergency situation for which the group has been unable to make prior arrangements for funding has arisen
  • Projects, which relate to the purchase of equipment that will be used/stored at a property registered as a domestic dwelling
  • Projects which relate to shopping trips out of South Tyneside
  • Applications from local groups which relate to any work to Council owned non-residential buildings(any such work should be Member led and managed through Asset Management)
  • Donations cannot be made to groups, all funding requests must be made by submitting an application form
  • Applications submitted by Council services with the exception of sheltered housing or children's homes unless directly requested by an elected member
  • The grant scheme should not be used to purchase alcohol or gifts
  • Applications from groups for events/festivals that are already receiving financial/in kind support
  • Applications with start/event dates less than 8 weeks from the date the form is submitted
  • Groups must have sought funding through the Council's funding portal before making an application to CAF for applications seeking funding to purchase any equipment South Tyneside Community Funding
  • Groups must make a financial contribution towards the total cost of their project and agree to submit receipts, the total of which should include their contribution
  • Should the eligible receipts provided total less than the group contribution plus the grant awarded, the balance must be returned to the Council
  • Room hire should be included as an in kind contribution
  • Groups are strongly advised to apply for Community Foundation funding before making an application to CAF for applications seeking funding to purchase equipment or seeking more than £500 (i.e. for fun days)
  • CAF grants are the funder of 'last resort', and applicants should demonstrate that they have exhausted other potential funding sources
  • Only one application per year will normally be considered from any one organisation
  • Grant assistance will not be provided on a retrospective basis
  • All applications should include formal estimates or evidence of the costs involved (including VAT)
  • Grants must be spent within the current financial year they are approved and applications for funding made by the end of December 2021
  • Any grant awarded cannot be adjusted later to allow for price increases
  • Groups can apply once in 2021/22 towards running costs to help groups start meeting again when restrictions are lifted.
  • The maximum level of grant which will normally be provided is £1,000 for projects providing a long term benefit. A maximum award of £500 will normally apply where it is in relation to a one off event or running costs with the exception of community events
  • All applications will be acknowledged within two weeks of their receipt
  • The whole of the grant assistance (or part thereof at the discretion of the Council) paid to a group will become repayable if any of the conditions are broken, or if false information is knowingly given in the application form submitted
  • All organisations in receipt of grant funding from the Council are required to promote the scheme by either including the Council's logo or the words 'Supported by South Tyneside Council' on all publicity and advertising
  • Any grants awarded must be spent within South Tyneside
  • Businesses are not eligible for support from the CAF Grant scheme
  • Any group failing to provide receipts for any grant expenditure will not be able to apply for future grant assistance
  • Groups can only apply for funding for one project in one year, i.e. applications must not be for event and or running costs and equipment
  • Applications for funding towards community events must include an event plan

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