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UK Community Renewal Fund (UKCRF)


  1. Overview
  2. Who can apply
  3. Types of projects that could get funding
  4. How to submit a bid
  5. Assessment and timeline
  6. Successful projects


South Tyneside Council is looking for bids for revenue projects that can deliver in 2021/22.

The is part of the Government's new £220m UK Community Renewal Fund (UKCRF).

The fund aims to:

  • help areas pilot new programmes and approaches
  • invest in skills, community and place, local businesses, and supporting people into employment

South Tyneside has been named a priority area for the fund. It is the role of the Council to receive bids and shortlist those that will be sent to Government. The Government will ultimately decide which bids get the funding.

For full details about the fund, go to: 

If you have further questions email

Who can apply

The UK Community Renewal Fund is open to a whole range of organisations, including but not limited to local authorities, universities, voluntary and community sector organisations and umbrella business groups.

Private sector organisations and registered charities may prepare bids where they are providing a service to benefit other organisations or individuals.

Types of projects that could get funding

The fund is for revenue projects that can deliver by the end of March 2022.

Projects should set realistic start and end dates as well as realistic milestones, taking account of the fact that all expenditure must be incurred by 31 March 2022. Costs may only be incurred from the point of approval onwards - retrospective costs will not be paid.

South Tyneside Prospectus

Projects must deliver activity in line with the South Tyneside UKCRF Prospectus. This sets out our key priorities, and the aims of the fund identified by Government. Read the South Tyneside UKCRF Prospectus.

Read about the Government aims at GOV.UK: UK Community Renewal Fund: Prioritisation of places methodology note.


There are four investment priorities of the fund, which are:

  • investment in skills
  • investment for local business
  • investment in communities and place
  • supporting people into employment

Bids may cover multiple themes or just one theme.

Project size, scale and area

There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding that you can apply for. This is to encourage a range of innovative projects that can deliver for residents and businesses in South Tyneside.

However, we would point out that the Government guidance says they anticipate supporting a range of projects by theme and size, but applicants are encouraged to maximise impact and deliverability through larger projects (£500,000+) where possible.

Projects should: 

  • benefit some or all areas of South Tyneside, and
  • reflect on how they can deliver in the most disadvantaged areas of the Borough

South Tyneside Council would like UK Community Renewal Fund projects to provide the maximum benefit to businesses, residents, and communities in South Tyneside.

While we will support regional and cross Local Authority bids, such projects must clearly demonstrate what they will deliver in South Tyneside, how they will do so and the impact it will have in South Tyneside. 

We will not be pulling together projects from multiple organisations. However, if appropriate we would encourage the bundling of smaller projects into wider packages, particularly given the challenges of delivering projects by the UKCRF deadline of 31 March 2022.

Type of funding

The UK Community Renewal Fund is predominantly a revenue programme.

Government guidance states that 90% of funding available through the UK Community Renewal Fund is revenue funding, with a small amount of capital funding. Prospective applicants should calibrate their bids accordingly. 

We would encourage applicants to focus on revenue-based projects.

Other funding

Match funding is not mandatory and the UKCRF may fund up to 100% of the costs. However, the Government encourages applicants to maximise leverage of other funding, where appropriate. This includes other government funding where relevant. This will be assessed as part of the value for money considerations.

Outputs and results

For information on outputs, outcomes, indicators, eligible beneficiaries (including age), read the GOV.UK: UK Community Renewal Fund: Technical note for project applicants and deliverers.

For local priorities, read the South Tyneside UKCRF Prospectus.

How to submit a bid

The deadline to submit a bid has now passed. This was 12noon on Friday 21 May 2021.

To submit a bid: 

  1. Complete the application form, available at GOV.UK: UK Community Renewal Fund
  2. Email your completed form to

Bids submitted in any other format or after the deadline will not be accepted.

Read the privacy notice.

The UK Community Renewal Fund is a competitive process. South Tyneside Council and the Government will not enter into discussions with bidders. For any questions or queries, email

Assessment and timeline

South Tyneside Council will appraise all bids submitted, then the Government will ultimately decide which bids get the funding.

Firstly we will carry out independent technical due diligence on all projects to determine if they meet the Government Gateway criteria and fit with national and local priorities. Then, a sub-group of the South Tyneside Partnership's Economic Regeneration Board will carry out a further appraisal and produce a shortlist.

We will assess bids against these criteria:

We cannot pre-appraise projects, however we may work with shortlisted bidders to optimise bids to the Government. This will depend on the quality of bids we receive. 

Once we have assessed the bids, we will submit eligible bids which most strongly meet the UKCRF and local priorities (up to a value of £3m), to the Government by 18 June 2021. 

We will let you know if your project has or hasn't been shortlisted. 

The Government will assess the shortlist of projects compiled by South Tyneside Council, as set out in the UKCRF Prospectus

The Government will make the ultimate decision on which projects are awarded funding, and will notify us at the end of July 2021.

Successful projects 

The Government will notify South Tyneside Council of which projects are successful at the end of July 2021.

How funding will be paid

South Tyneside Council usually pays quarterly in arrears at an agreed intervention rate.

We prefer to operate in line with our standard processes. However, we understand in some cases flexibility may be needed.

Any change to our standard process will be by exception following an assessment of need and risk.

Monitoring spend during the project

All projects funded must meet their contractual requirements. This includes submitting regular monitoring returns. Each grant must be used for the purpose intended. This will be subject to monitoring and final review.

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