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Examination of the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan

Have your say on the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Planning Referendum will be held for the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 28 October 2021.

Have your say on the East Boldon Neigbourhood Plan


  1. Overview
  2. Neighbourhood Plan examination correspondence
  3. Comments submitted
  4. Details of the proposal
  5. Next steps


A consultation on the Submission Draft East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan took place for a 6-week period in 2021. The consultation closed on 23 April 2021.  

The Council was responsible for collecting comments on the plan from residents and organisations.

The Council received 152 comments in response to the consultation. 

South Tyneside Council appointed Ms Rosemary Kidd Dip TP, MRTPI as independent examiner of the plan.

South Tyneside Council's Cabinet has considered the Report of the Independent Examination into the Submission Draft East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan, published on 21 July 2021.

East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 18 Decision Statement127.95KB

Neighbourhood Plan examination correspondence

We have received the Independent Examiner's Report and are considering the recommendations, in consultation with the East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum.

East Boldon Neigbourhood Development Plan Independent Examiner's Report527.01KB

LPA response to Examiner's Questions289.88KB

Annex 1- Map of sites referred to in rep 136960.71KB

EBNF Response to Examiner's Questions of 7 June 2021- Final

Annex 1a Map in response to Q33.66MB

Annex 1b Views referenced on map2.53MB

Annex 2 - Response to Examiner's Q30 re Parking Standards EB 22 and EB 231.44MB

East Boldon Neighbourhood South Tyneside Examiner's Questions216.56KB

East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan Procedural Note103.35KB

Local Planning Authority Response to Commencement of Examination Procedural Note201.49KB

East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum Response to Examiner's Questions1.07MB

East Boldon Settlement Boundary1.21MB

EBNF Response to Comments on Submission Draft1.2MB

New or Proposed Development since 20197.56MB

EBNF Letter to Council 11.01.21157.4KB

Comments submitted in response to the consultation on the Submission Draft Plan

Schedule of Responses to the Submission Draft East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan532.64KB

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 1 Natural England264.18KB

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 2 Historic England76.66KB

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 3 National Grid89.48KB

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 4 Lichfields145.33KB

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 5 Pegasus Group2.21MB

Details of the proposal

Submission documents

The following documents have been submitted as part of the plan proposal:

The Submission Draft East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan (2020-2036)7.93MB

A map showing the area that the proposed neighbourhood plan relates to16.32MB

The East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement5.01MB

Basic Conditions Statement2.52MB
This explains how the proposed neighbourhood plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Supplementary documents

Background papers

Local green space and protected open space3.96MB

Built and historic environment1.48MB

Community wellbeing588.7KB


Local economy853.92KB

Natural environment4.26MB

Settlement boundary1.16MB

Transport and movement2.24MB

Community Character Statement and Architectural Surveys

Community character statement24.75MB

Architectural survey - Conservation area (part 1)921.05KB
Front Street (North side / even numbers) and Grange Terrace

Architectural survey - Conservation area (part 2)2.07MB
Front Street (South side / odd numbers)

Other supplementary documents

East Boldon Design Code12.17MB

Housing Needs Survey

Housing Needs Assessment1003.1KB

Natural Environment Statement8.02MB

These files have not been produced by South Tyneside Council, and may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. If you need help to access this information within these files, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Strategic Environmental Assessment / Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening report

The East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum requested that we undertake a screening process of the draft neighbourhood plan to determine the need for strategic environmental assessment and habitat regulations assessment. The screening report is available below:

Strategic Environmental Assessment / Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening report2.57MB

Next steps

The Independent Examiner will prepare a report on the Plan to determine whether it meets the Basic Conditions (the tests for a Neighbourhood Plan). 

The Independent Examiner's Report will be published on South Tyneside Council's website.

The Council will consider the recommendations from the Independent Examiner's Report.

When the Council makes a decision about the plan, it will publish a statement explaining the decision, and the reasons for making the decision.

It will also send a copy of the statement to the East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum, and any person who asked to be kept informed about the decision.

You can read more about the process at GOV.UK: Neighbourhood Planning.

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