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Information for prospective candidates and agents - Local Government elections 6 May 2021


  1. Overview
  2. Nomination pack
  3. Guidance
  4. Returning your completed forms
  5. Request register of electors and absent voters lists
  6. Political canvassing and leafleting
  7. Ward vacancies
  8. After nominations close

This information is correct as of: 3 March 2021


The information on this page is for people who would like to stand for election at the Local Government elections on 6 May 2021, and their agents. 

See general information about the Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections - 6 May 2021.

If you prefer, you can watch the briefing video, which covers the information on this page: 

Nomination pack

The nomination pack contains all the forms and guidance you need to stand for election.

Download the nomination pack

Nomination pack for candidates908.16KB

For guidance and to download generic nomination papers, visit Electoral Commission: Guidance and resources for candidates and agents

Or you can ask us to send a pack to you - email us at or call 0191 424 7230.


See our guidance notes on completing the nomination pack

The Electoral Commission provides comprehensive guidance on standing as a candidate. You and your agent if appointed, are encouraged to refer to the guidance when completing the nomination forms and throughout your campaign. View and download the guidance at Electoral Commission: Guidance and resources for candidates and agents.

Returning your completed forms

You must return your completed forms by hand, by appointment only. 

You can deliver your forms between Friday 26 March and Thursday 8 April 2021, on any working day between 9.30am and 4pm.

If you like, we can give your form an informal check before you submit it:

Request register of electors and absent voters lists

You can request a copy of: 

  • register of electors
  • absent voters (list of postal and proxy voters)

To request these, complete the form within your nomination pack. As the candidate, you must sign the form before the lists are released. 

We can send you the lists by secure email as a pdf or in an excel spreadsheet.

Political canvassing and leafleting

Political canvassing and leafleting will be permitted from Monday 8 March.

The Government will change the lockdown regulations to support door to door campaigning activity. This will make sure that campaigning can be done during the regulated period and also for a period of time before the expenses requirements. 

All activity will still need to adhere to rules around social distancing and limits on gatherings. 

From 29 March, the change to allow six people or two households to meet outdoors may support organisational work by campaigners and the holding of meetings outdoors. 

Visit GOV.UK: The Government's approach to elections and referendums during COVID-19.

Ward vacancies

There are two vacancies in both: 

  • Horsley Hill ward
  • Monkton ward

In these wards there is a vacant seat plus the seat that was due to be elected in May 2020. Political parties can field two candidates in each of these wards. Supporters can sign up to two nomination papers.

There is one vacancy in: 

  • Fellgate and Hedworth ward

In this ward, the previous councillor was due to retire in May 2021. So there is only one seat to be elected.

For notice of vacancies see .

After nominations close

After the close of nominations all candidates and agents will be invited to attend a briefing session.

The briefing will give important information on the various election processes and regulations.

The session will be delivered via zoom. 

Please make sure you and your agent provide an email address in the space provided on the back of the nomination paper and on the appointment of election agent form.

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