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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Local contact tracers


When the NHS Test and Trace service is unable to reach people who have tested positive, local contact tracers will take over. 

Local contact tracers will attempt to make contact with people to gather details of their close contacts and to ask if they need any support.

This information will be shared with the national Test and Trace team who will follow-up the contacts.

How local contact tracers will contact you

If needed, local contact tracers will contact you by phone. The call will come from 0191 424 6611 or 0191 282 6222.

We will send you a text message before calling. The text will come from C19-SUPPORT.

No inbound calls can be made to these phone numbers. Please be assured that calls from these numbers are genuine.

Under 18s

Local contact tracers will contact children under 18 by phone. The contact tracers will ask for their parent or guardian's permission to continue the call.

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