Slamming the Door on Unwanted Callers

Posted by: Press team on 17 March 2020 11:00

Residents in South Tyneside are locking out unwanted visitors.

A No Cold Calling Zone has been set up in parts of the West Park ward including areas such as Ullswater Gardens, Ascot Gardens and Compton Avenue.

The scheme, which is funded through the Council's Community Safety Team, is designed to deter salespeople from turning up uninvited at residents' homes and trying to sell them products or services.

It also aims to crack down on doorstep crime such as distraction burglaries and rogue traders.

Signs have been put up around the streets, warning salesmen and bogus officials they are not welcome in the neighbourhood.

The zone has been established by South Tyneside Council and is the 17th to be set up in the Borough.

Councillor Joan Atkinson, Lead Member for Area Management and Community Safety, said: "No Cold Calling Zones are an effective solution to deter bogus officials from approaching residents' homes uninvited.

"This is the 17th zone to be established across South Tyneside with all other zones receiving very positive feedback. We expect this latest zone to be just as successful and we hope this makes residents in the area feel safe and comfortable in their own homes."

The Trading Standards Service has also given residents packs containing advice on how to deal with unwanted callers, including a Business Approval Register list containing local approved traders and an incident report form.

Councillor Gladys Hobson, on behalf of all West Park ward members, said: "Although there is no law to prevent cold calling, we want to encourage residents in the area to say 'no' to cold callers. These zones are a great way to give residents the confidence to be able to comfortably turn cold callers away.  

"We are sure the scheme will be greatly received by all residents in the area."  

Residents living in No Cold Calling Zones are encouraged to report cold callers entering the zone to the Council's Trading Standards team by contacting 0191 424 7887 or by emailing

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