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South Tyneside Cultural Strategy

New Cultural Strategy

A new Cultural Strategy for South Tyneside is being developed which will help drive forward the cultural sector in South Tyneside.

Attending a theatre show, exploring one of our heritage attractions, taking part in a community craft session or enjoying a concert are just some examples of how culture enhances the lives of people who live, work or visit South Tyneside.

The new Cultural Strategy will help to support and improve the area's cultural offer in the future. It will align with many of the Council's key community priorities, such as investing in the area's town centres and villages.


An extensive period of consultation has already taken place with members of the public and with the cultural sector. The next step is to take this forward with the development and implementation of the strategy.

More information

For more information on the South Tyneside Cultural Strategy please contact Richard Jago, Culture and Libraries Manager, on 0191 424 7984 or email

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