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Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS): Changing the amount you contribute


  1. Overview
  2. How much you will contribute
  3. Changing the amount you contribute
  4. Opting in / out
  5. More information

Changing the amount you contribute

Paying less

If you would like to stay in the LGPS but pay less, you can choose to join the 50/50 scheme.

This means that you pay half of your normal contributions, and build up half of your normal pension.

You still get full life assurance cover and ill-health cover. 

By law, if you join the 50/50 scheme, the Council must regularly re-enrol you into the main scheme, see re-enrolment.

For more information on the 50/50 scheme, see Tyne and Wear Pension Fund: 50/50 scheme.

Paying more

You can choose to pay more towards your pension.

There are different options available, depending on your needs.

For more information, see Tyne and Wear Pension Fund: Increasing your benefits.

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