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Resources, guidance and advice for home schooling: Useful websites


  1. Overview
  2. Important resources
  3. Advice for home schooling
  4. Things to do during the holidays
  5. Useful websites

Useful websites

GOV.UK: Elective Home Education - Government guidance for parents.

Toy Theater - This is a free resource for primary-age children.

Education Otherwise

Education Otherwise is a site you can become a member of. It provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school.

There are lots of useful links from the Education Otherwise site.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize website focuses on school-based education.

There is a lot of free, interactive and involving material for children of all ages.

If you ever decide that you want your child to return to school, this is a useful site to give your child small introductions to the work their age-mates will have been doing.

BT Tech Tips

BT Tech Tips offers a range of videos and guides on using media and other tech skills.

University websites

For older children there are lots of useful pages on university sites.

For example, you can find free maths lessons at


If you've got iTunes on your computer, iTunes U has more than 250,000 free downloads from many universities, on lot of different subjects.

Oxford, Cambridge and the Open University all provide material on here. You need to download the iTunes app to access the material.

To find out more without downloading the app, see iTunes - U.


YouTube offers a range of resources and clips which can be used to help with learning. 

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