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Equipment and changes to your home: Changes to your home


  1. Overview
  2. Changes to your home
  3. Finding the right equipment
  4. Request an assessment 
  5. Bathing assessments
  6. Home assessments
  7. Who provides the equipment

Changes to your home

You can make changes to your home to help with carrying out everyday tasks safely.

This could be as simple as installing a handrail, to make getting in and out of the bath or shower safer.

It could also involve bigger changes, such as making doors wider, so it is easier and safer to move around within the home.

Getting help with the cost of making changes

An Occupational Therapist can arrange changes to your home.

They will tell you who will organise and pay for the work before any changes are made.

If you rent your home from South Tyneside Homes or a housing association, your landlord may be able to help.

You may be able to get a grant towards the cost of making changes to your home. See Disabled Facilities Grant.

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