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Equipment and changes to your home: Request an assessment


  1. Overview
  2. Changes to your home
  3. Finding the right equipment
  4. Request an assessment
  5. Bathing assessments
  6. Home assessments
  7. Who provides the equipment

Request an assessment 

You will need to be assessed before you can get equipment from South Tyneside Council.

The assessment will check if equipment would help you, and if so, what type of equipment would be best for you.

If you or someone you care for would like to be assessed, or if you need to talk to someone about getting equipment, call Let's Talk on 0191 424 6000 or email at

If you are ringing on behalf of someone else, make sure they are with you when you contact us, as they will need to agree to an assessment.

What happens after an assessment

One of our trained advisors will ask you some questions, and guide you to the right support to help you stay independent at home.

If it is decided that equipment would help you in your home, your details will be passed to an Occupational Therapist, who will contact you to talk about your situation.

For complex equipment, such as a stair-lift, they may need to carry out a home assessment.

For bathing equipment, you may need to go to a bathing assessment.

Other ways of getting equipment

If you need a grab rail, stair / bannister rail or a key-safe installed, you will be referred to Age Concern South Tyneside. They will contact you to arrange installing the equipment.

If you need a walking aid such as a walking stick or frame, contact your GP practice.

There are also many companies that sell equipment, if you would rather buy your own. 

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