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Equipment and changes to your home: Finding the right equipment


  1. Overview
  2. Changes to your home
  3. Finding the right equipment
  4. Request an assessment
  5. Bathing assessments
  6. Home assessments
  7. Who provides the equipment

Finding the right equipment

Types of equipment 

  • Personal care equipment, such as commodes and bathing equipment, which can help to get to the toilet and around the bathroom.
  • Mobility equipment, such as walking sticks and walking frames, which can help with getting around both inside and outside.
  • Access equipment, including grab rails to help with entering and leaving the home.
  • Specialist equipment, such as pressure care mattresses and cushions, which help with comfort and to ease pressure.
  • Moving and transferring equipment, such as hoists and slings, to help with lifting and moving a person.
  • Chairs and stools, such as rise and recline chairs and perching stools, for more comfortable seating in the home.
  • Beds and mattresses, which can help the person with comfort and provide ideal positioning for the carer.
  • Bedding equipment, such as bed leavers and bed rails, to help a person feel comfortable getting in and out of bed.
  • Assistive Technology, such as alarm pendants and bed sensors, to quickly alert someone if a person has a fall. For more information see Assistive technology.


If you are not sure what equipment you need, you can use the ASKSARA online tool to help you find equipment.

You will be asked to choose from a list of topics or areas you need help in, and answer some questions about your situation.

Based on your answers, ASKSARA will create a personalised report with advice on what products may be helpful.

Visit AskSARA for personalised advice and products

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