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Viking Energy Network Jarrow: How it will work


  1. Overview
  2. How it will work
  3. Timeline

How it will work 

An energy centre will be built at Jarrow Staithes on the south bank of the River Tyne. This is a council-owned brownfield site.

This will extract heat from the river and export it to nine council-owned buildings in Jarrow. 

How heat will be extracted from the river

A water source heat pump will: 

  1. extract heat from the water
  2. compress it to increase the temperature
  3. then convert it into useful energy in the form of hot water

A network of insulated pipes will distribute the hot water to the various buildings.

A 1 megawatt solar farm (solar panels) will generate most of the electricity to power the heat pump. Any excess electricity from the solar farm will be used in council buildings.

The scheme should run close to carbon neutral for most of the summer.

A combined heat and power (CHP) back-up system will be used at times when the solar panels don't generate enough electricity. The system will use heat that is created during the electricity generation process. This heat would otherwise be wasted.

Renewable technologies

The energy network will use three renewable technologies, and keep use of fossil fuels to a minimum.

It would be the first to combine: 

  • a river source heat pump
  • a combined heat and power (CHP) back-up system
  • a 1 megawatt solar farm, and
  • a private wire electrical network with storage battery


The heat from the river will be distributed to: 

  • Jarrow Business Centre communal area
  • Jarrow Town Hall
  • Ellen Court
  • Wilkinson Court
  • Monastery Court
  • Jarrow Focus
  • Mid Tyne activities centre
  • Millennium PHAB club
  • Palmer Hospital

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