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Swimming: COVID guidelines for keeping safe

Visiting our leisure centres

You no longer need to book swimming and gym sessions. You still need to book fitness classes.

Visiting our leisure centres


  1. Overview
  2. Swimming with children
  3. Pool safety
  4. COVID guidelines for keeping safe

COVID guidelines for keeping safe

Before you visit

  • Do not come swimming if you feel unwell
  • Bring any equipment or swimming aids with you, and make sure they are clean and easy to identify as yours before you arrive
  • Arrive ready to swim, with your swim suit under your clothes if possible

When you get here

  • Please wear a face covering when entering, you can remove it when using the facilities, read about wearing a face covering in Council buildings
  • Listen to instructions
  • Use contactless payments where possible
  • Use hand sanitiser or wash stations
  • Spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms
  • Keep a safe distance from others
  • Use the pre-swim showers before getting in the pool

When you are in the pool

  • Follow the signs that tell you which side of the lane to be on
  • Choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs and by watching those already swimming 
  • Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching
  • If you change your stroke as part of your session, think about moving lanes
  • If you stop for a rest, keep in mind that other swimmers will want to keep on swimming without stopping, so keep to the edge of the lane and allow others to turn at the wall, turning your head away and keeping a safe distance
  • Respect people of different standards and abilities
  • Always keep a safe distance between yourself and other swimmers

After your swim

  • Spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms
  • Shower at home if you can

Saunas and steam rooms

  • You no longer need to book to use our saunas and steam rooms
  • Before entering the saunas and steam rooms, you will need to collect a wristband from reception - these are not transferable
  • Seating areas are clearly marked and you must make sure you are socially distanced from others
  • Be considerate of other users and only spend 15 minutes in one area
  • Plunge showers are available

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