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Informal consultation - Croftside Avenue, Whitburn

  1. Details of proposal
  2. Have your say
  3. What happens next

Details of proposal

Reason for parking restriction:

  • The Parking Team have received concerns regarding access and egress on Croftside Avenue due to parked vehicles
  • A recent planning application approval for the change of use to the Grey Horse Inn public house to convenience retail and additional residential flats, is likely to attract an increase in vehicular traffic entering and exiting Croftside Avenue. Parking restrictions are being considered on Croftside Avenue in the interest of highways safety

Proposed parking restrictions:

  • No waiting at any time
  • Amending bus stop layby to parking bays
  • Provision of a bus boarder on Mill Lane

Types of restriction proposed:

  • Double yellow line road markings
  • Parking bay road markings
  • Bus stop clearway road markings

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Have your say

Any views on the proposals would be appreciated at your earliest convenience and the closing date for any comments you may wish to make is the 2nd November 2020

To give your feedback on these proposals, email your comments to

What happens next 

We will review all feedback.

Depending on the feedback we get, the proposals may change, or may not go ahead. 

Read more about how traffic and parking consultations work.

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