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Marsden Bay improvement works


  1. Overview of the project
  2. Access to Marsden Bay
  3. Timeline
  4. Funding for the project

Overview of the project

This project aims to: 

  • provide safe and sustainable access to the beach
  • return this part of the coastline to a more natural environment

The work will involve:

  • demolishing the disused former Marsden Lifeguard Station and canoe store 
  • rebuilding Redwell Steps 

The old lifeguard and canoe store buildings have been closed for many years. Over this time, their condition has deteriorated with the structures at an increasing risk of collapse. Demolishing the buildings will help to return the area to a more natural environment. 

The concrete on Redwell Steps is susceptible to natural coastal erosion. The lower steps are particularly vulnerable to coastal erosion so they will be replaced with a more sustainable timber and steel structure. This will provide safe and sustainable access to the beach.

Access to Marsden Bay

You will be able to access Marsden Bay from Camel Island and Marsden Grotto during the work.

When visiting Marsden Bay, please:

  • check tide times before you visit
  • follow instructions on any signs around the area
  • follow general advice on staying safe at the seaside

With any coastal location of this nature, there is always the danger of rock falls onto the beach, so we recommend keeping a safe distance from the cliff face.


The demolition was completed in October 2020. Construction of the steps will take place in Autumn 2021.

Phase 1 - demolition

Work was completed in October 2020 to demolish:

  • the disused former Marsden Lifeguard Station and canoe store
  • lower section of Redwell Steps

This work was scheduled to avoid disturbing birds during the breeding and nesting seasons.

The footage below shows the demolition work that was done up until the end of September 2020. 

Phase 2 - building the steps

Now that demolition is complete, we will start work on a detailed design of the new steps.

Due to the bedrock being higher than anticipated, revised designs will be completed. The steps are anticipated to be a smaller structure than previously presented within the planning application.

Construction of the new steps is expected to start and be complete in Autumn 2021.

Funding for the project

This work is being led by South Tyneside Council in partnership with the National Trust and part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund under the Seascapes Project.

Partners have secured £100,000 towards the project costs, thanks to a National Lottery Heritage Fund award of £2.78m to the Tyne to Tees, Shores and Seas Partnership Scheme.

The £5m Tyne to Tees, Shores and Seas Partnership Scheme - also known as Seascapes - is the only scheme of its kind to be supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. Seascapes will deliver 23 community projects, both on-shore and beneath the sea - from South Shields to Teesmouth over the next four years.


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