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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Be prepared in case you need to self isolate

There may come a time when you need to self-isolate. Check now that you have everything you need to support you:


Check how long you need to isolate for.

For the latest guidelines see GOV.UK: Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Food and household essentials

Think about how you might get access to food and essentials, have you got friends or family who could help or could you arrange online shopping deliveries?

For more information see support with food and buying groceries.


If you were unable to work from home, you would need to speak to your employer about working arrangements and what sick pay arrangements are in place. Ask your manager about sick pay.

If you need an isolation note see NHS: Get an isolation note


If you are eligible for free school meals and isolating, you could contact your child's school or nursery to arrange for work or free school meals to be delivered to you.

See free school meals.

For school contact details, see Find a school


If you provide support to other people for example elderly parents, think about who could help, such as friends and family.

When you provide this kind of support, you are providing informal care and there is support and advice for you through care organisations, see Information, advice and support for informal carers.

Mental health

Make sure you look after your mental wellbeing. Look online for self-help resources or ask for help if you need it.

For more information and support see mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Physical health

Looking after your physical health is important too. Try to think of ways to exercise and keep fit at home.

See how you can look after your general wellbeing when staying at home.

Medication and prescriptions

If you are isolating, you can contact your GP and pharmacy to arrange your medication to be delivered to you or ask friends or family to collect it for you.

For more information see NHS: A guide to ordering a repeat prescription online using an app or website


Think about your finances and check you have money to buy what you need, pay your rent and bills. If you are struggling, call the companies and explain your situation.

For more information see support for people in South Tyneside.


Check you have enough pet food and supplies.

If you are unable to look after a pet, ask someone else to care for them while you are isolating.

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