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Award in Understanding Enterprise

Course nameAward in Understanding Enterprise
Training providerFirst

Level 1

Course duration

40 Hours flexible over six weeks

Who is this course for? Eligibility and personal characteristics

This course is for 

  • those who don't necessarily want to start up but who see the value in developing entrepreneurial skills to progress into employment (we recently surveyed 50+ local employers and the vast majority said they placed high importance on entrepreneurial skills)
  • those with business ideas who are not sure of the next steps
  • those who don't yet have an idea but who like the thought of starting up and would like to explore it further
  • early stage founders

The course will provide skill building opportunities such as confident, problem solving, working with others and communication whilst developing knowledge and understanding about the world of business startups.

What will I study? Key modules or content

3 key modules:

·       Understand how to Access Help and Support in Business

·       Understand the Skills and Knowledge Required to Run a Business

·       Understand opportunities and Risks Within Business

Learners will have the option post course to access further support via FIRST in the form of work placement experience, supported networking events and signposting to other specialist business services as appropriate.

What are the entry requirementsThere are no entry requirements. 
Requirements of the course e.g. personal protective equipment, tools, materialsNone but you may require IT access for any virtual delivery
Progression and Careers
  • Self employment
  • Business startup
  • Entry into employment via skill development
  • Career progression - Improved career opportunities within current employment
For more information, please contact
NameZoe Maylam
Telephone07715 547148



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