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Temporary pavement licences (outdoor seating)


  1. Overview
  2. How the application process works
  3. Apply
  4. Cost
  5. Expiry date
  6. If you haven't heard back from us
  7. Appeals
  8. Conditions
  9. Give feedback on applications


To place tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the pavement in South Tyneside, you need a licence from South Tyneside Council.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has introduced a simpler process to allow tables and chairs to be placed on the pavement.

For government guidance about the licence, see GOV.UK: Pavement licences (outdoor seating proposal).

How the application process works 

  1. Submit your application 
  2. We will review your application
  3. If approved, there will be a seven day consultation period for local people to give feedback (this starts on the day after the application is made)
  4. We have seven days from the consultation closing date to decide on the outcome of your application
  5. If we do not decide in the seven days from the consultation closing, your application will be automatically granted

When reviewing your application we will: 

  • issue licences subject to the conditions, however we will consider applications on their own individual merits, taking into account the details in the application as well as any feedback received during the public consultation
  • consult with other departments and agencies before issuing a licence
  • provide a public notice of the application detailing the proposal and deadline for representations (feedback)
  • consider all representations (feedback) received 
  • not unreasonably withhold consent


  1. Complete the Application form1.05MB
  2. Send the application form and plan to 

If you need the application form in a different format, or if you have any questions, contact the Licensing team on 0191 424 7695 or email


There is no fee for this licence.

Expiry date

The licence will expire automatically on 30 September 2022 (unless this is changed by the Secretary of State).

If you haven't heard back from us

From the day after you submit your application, there will be a seven day consultation period for local people to give feedback. We then have seven days from the consultation closing date to decide on the outcome of your application. 

If you have not heard from the Council after these 14 days, the application will be automatically granted for one year, but not exceeding 30 September 2021 (unless this is changed by the Secretary of State).

To check on the progress of your application, contact the Licensing team on 0191 424 7695 or email


There is no statutory appeals process for these decisions, but please contact the Licensing team in the first instance on 0191 424 7695 or email


    1. The licence holder may use the land specified in the submitted plan for placing removable furniture in the course of the business during the permitted hours.
    2. Pavement cafe licences will be issued to operate between 8.00am and 8.00pm. The Council will extend the termination time until 9.00pm during the summer months (the beginning of April until the end of September).
    3. The licence holder shall ensure that the pavement licence activities do not:
      1. prevent traffic, other than vehicular traffic, from:
        1. having normal access to premises adjoining the relevant highway
        2. passing along the relevant highway, or
        3. entering the relevant highway at a place where such traffic could otherwise enter it (ignoring any pedestrian planning order or traffic order made in relation to the highway),
        4. prevent any use of vehicles which is permitted by a pedestrian planning order or which is not prohibited by a traffic order,
        5. prevent statutory undertakers having access to any apparatus of theirs under, in, on or over the highway, or
        6. prevent the operator of an electronic communications code network having access to any electronic communications apparatus kept installed for the purposes of that network under, in, on or over the highway.
    4. Where the furniture to be put on the relevant highway consists of seating for use by persons for the purpose of consuming food or drink, the licence-holder must make reasonable provision for seating where smoking is not permitted.
    5. The removable furniture must not protrude beyond the defined area.
    6. The removable furniture must be kept in good condition so as not to detract from the appearance of the street.
    7. All removable furniture must be removed from the pavement licence area and securely stored within 30 minutes from the end of the permitted hours.
    8. The licence holder is responsible for the supervision of the pavement licence area.
    9. The pavement licence area must only be used for the purposes of consuming food and beverages in connection with the business.
    10. The licence holder must ensure that the pavement licence area and the immediate vicinity are kept clean and tidy during the permitted hours of operation.
    11. All customers must remain seated and table service should be facilitated at all times during the permitted hours of operation.
    12. No vertical drinking or eating shall be permitted.
    13. The licence holder shall maintain a register of all customers and their contact details to facilitate a test and trace system in the event of an outbreak.
    14. The licence holder must maintain a written Covid Risk Assessment following current Government Guidelines.
    15. No amplified outside music, entertainment or broadcast of sporting events will be permitted.
    16. Notices shall be displayed at the exit of the premises and around the pavement licence area advising patrons to be mindful of the location and to respect neighbouring properties.
    17. The licence holder is required to allow highway maintenance and any other necessary remedial work to be carried out at the location covered by the licence. The Council will not be liable for any loss of earnings arising from the suspension of the licence.
    18. The licence holder must take out public liability insurance to the sum of £5,000,000.

    NB. Every application will be considered on its merit. South Tyneside Council reserve the right to impose reasonable conditions whether or not they are published and may impose these conditions based on information offered on an application.

    Give feedback on applications

    Please email your feedback to

    Applications received for a pavement licence
    Date application receivedName and address of premisesLast day for representations (feedback)
    28th September 2021

    Renewal applications

    The Address, 5 Market Place, South Shields

    Arbeia, 18-24 Ocean Road, South Shields

    Bistro Romano, 63 Front Street, Cleadon

    Caledonian, 52 Lyon St, Hebburn

    Charlestons, 8 Mile End Road, South Shields

    Clifton Coffee House, 101 Ocean Road, South Shields

    Cottage Cafe, 27 Grange Road, Jarrow

    Criterion, 2a Ocean Road, South Shields

    Fit Belli Deli, Unit R7, Seawinnings Way, South Shields

    Frydays, 27 East Smithy Street, South Shields

    Harton Hop House, 181b Sunderland Road, South Shields

    Mariellies, 5-7 Grange Road, Jarrow

    Michaels Cafe, 2 Market Place, South Shields

    Radhuni, 84-92 Ocean Road, South Shields

    Smithy Cafe, 31 east Smithy St, South Shields

    Turkuisine, 8 Burrow Street, South Shields

    Westoe Cafe, 42-44 Dean Road, South Shields

    Westovians, Pier Pavillion, South Shields

    Wolfmanns, 169 Sunderland Road, South Shields

    Zeera, 206-210 Ocean Road, South Shields




    5th October 2021

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