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Garden waste: Putting your bin out


  1. Overview
  2. How to subscribe
  3. Collection dates
  4. What you can put in your green bin 
  5. Moving house
  6. Putting your bin out
  7. Cancelling your subscription and refunds

Putting your bin out

On your collection day, please make sure your bin is outside by 7.30am (where the edge of your property meets the pavement or road) and returned to your property on the same day.

The lid on your bin needs to be closed for it to be emptied.

Please do not put bags of garden waste next to your bin. We will not collect any waste put next to the bin. Please save any extra waste for your next collection.

Help putting out your bin

If you find it difficult to pull out your wheelie bin ready for the weekly collection and have no one who can help you, we may be able to make special arrangements to help.

Please call us 0191 427 7000 to apply for help to pull your bin out.

If you already get help to put your bin out, this will automatically continue for your green bin collections.


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