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Garden waste: Collection dates


  1. Overview
  2. How to subscribe
  3. Collection dates
  4. What you can put in your green bin 
  5. Moving house
  6. Putting your bin out
  7. Cancelling your subscription and refunds

Collection dates

Your green bin will be collected once every 2 weeks. 

You can see the bin collection dates for your property online, and your collection dates are also included in your subscription pack.

Collections are made Monday to Friday, except on bank holidays when your collection date may change.

The service runs from 28 March 2022 to November 2022.

See your bin collection dates

See the bin collection dates for your property: 

Bin collection dates

Report a missed bin collection

If your green bin has not been collected, please check you have the correct collection day before reporting this online - Report a missed bin.

We will look into your report. If it is our fault, we will collect your bin within 5 working days. You will not receive a refund for a missed collection.

Please report your missed collection by 6.30pm, the day after collection was due.

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