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Garden waste: How to subscribe


  1. Overview
  2. How to subscribe
  3. Collection dates
  4. What you can put in your green bin 
  5. Moving house
  6. Putting your bin out
  7. Cancelling your subscription and refunds

How to subscribe

You can subscribe to the 2021 Garden Waste collection service online:

Subscribe to the 2021 Garden Waste service

The service costs £32 for collections from 22 March 2021 to November 2021.

The service does not run over the winter.

By subscribing to the service, you accept the Garden Waste collection service 2021 terms and conditions.

Make sure you have enough green wheelie bins

Subscribing to the service does not include the delivery of a green wheelie bin.

You will also need to order a green wheelie bin(s) if:

  • You don't already have a green wheelie bin at your property
  • You are paying to have more than one green bin collected, and you need extra green wheelie bins for these collections

What happens after you subscribe 

You will get a subscription pack through the post, which will include:

  • A letter with your bin collection dates
  • A sticker for your bin(s)

If you subscribed before noon on 16 February 2021, you will get your pack in the post before your first collection.

If you subscribed after noon on 16 February 2021, you will get get your pack within 15 working days.

Your property will also be added to our collection list within 15 days.

You must wait the 15 days before putting your bins out and using the service.

Bin sticker

You can write your address on the sticker to identify your bin. If someone swaps your bin, the team will still collect from your address as your property will be on the collection list.

If you haven't received your sticker by the time the collection starts, your bin will still be collected because your property will be on the collection list.

If you need a new sticker, please call us on 0191 427 7000.

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