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COVID-19 information for care providers: Financial support


  1. Overview
  2. Infection control in care homes
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  4. Testing
  5. Financial support
  6. Car sharing
  7. COVID-19 vaccine for care home staff

Financial support

Infection Control Fund Grant

The Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund was introduced in May 2020. The Council continues to allocate the government funding.

For more information, see GOV.UK: About the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund.

Residential care weekly rates

Band 1:

  • Residential rate - £639.61
  • Residential with dementia rate - £661.76

Band 2:

  • Residential rate - £615.43
  • Residential with dementia rate - £637.58

Band 3:

  • Residential rate - £575.77
  • Residential with dementia rate - £597.99

Nursing placements will be funded at the above residential rate plus the 2020/21 Free Nursing Care (FNC) rate of £183.92.

The 1:1 rate will be paid at £14.93 per hour. This is an increase of 5.33% Domiciliary Care Hourly Rate.

From the 1 April 2020 the rate increased to £15.80 in line with an increase in the National Living Wage.

ISL hourly rates

  • Mild to severe learning disability, with clear evidence of the need for reasonable adjustments to be in place which could not be provided within domiciliary care (Lot 1) - £16.08 (2021/22 rate)
  • Learning disability with complex physical disability and/or health issues and/or mental ill health, offending, and/or forensic issues (Lot 2)  - £16.70 (2021/22 rate)
  • Learning disability that presents complex challenges to services and the community and require rapid response from providers to ensure that the individual's safety is maintain due to their complex presentation. There would be an expectation that this would be demonstrated by the need for weekly amendments to the support plan/ risk assessment due to the individual's presentation. (Lot 3) - £17.31 (2021/22 rate)
  • Overnight sleep-in 10pm - 7am  - £98.45 (2021/22 rate)

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