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Ensemble music project - Watermelon Man

About the project

This project, put together by Rosie Prince, uses Watermelon Man.

It is a mixed arrangement which might help to support some ensemble work with pupils and ensemble members over the summer.

The arrangement is based on having a part for varied combinations of instruments and proficiency, so there should be something here for everyone.


To request parts, email

If there’s any part you need, it’s fine to adapt one of the existing parts. If there’s a transposing instrument needing another part, just let us know and we’ll add one.

Parts are deliberately not marked up with dynamics, articulation, bowing etc as you may want to add your own for teaching purposes or ask pupils to do it for themselves.

Watermelon Man audio (all)

Watermelon Man audio (minus part 1)

Watermelon Man audio (minus part 2)

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