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Climate change: How you can prepare


  1. Overview
  2. Our commitment to become carbon neutral
  3. What we are doing about climate change
  4. How climate change will affect South Tyneside
  5. How you can help
  6. Preparing for a changing climate
  7. Latest news and updates
  8. Strategy and action plan

Preparing for a changing climate

Check with your insurance company what damage you are covered for.

If your area is classed at being at risk of flooding, please mention this when organising your insurance.

If you are not sure if your area is classed at being at risk of flooding, please contact us on 0191 427 7000.

For more information on insuring your property against weather damage like flooding, contact the Association of British Insurers.

Read more about flooding.

Advice for businesses

Climate change can affect your business. This could be caused by:

  • flooding
  • storms
  • extreme temperatures
  • extreme rainfall
  • reduced water availability
  • power disruption

You can be prepared by:

For more information on how to prevent an emergency see emergency situations.

For more about adapting your business to a changing climate visit Met Office: Adaptation.

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