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Parking restrictions informal consultation - Claypath Lane and Percy Street, South Shields

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  3. What happens next

Details of proposal

Reason for restriction:

  • The parking team has been made aware that businesses within the Percy Street area are experiencing access problems due to vehicles parking in this area. Concerns have also been received during school opening and closing times
  • The initial parking concerns are mainly due to limited number of spaces available. Whilst there are areas that do not have any restrictions, these are often parked up all day which can make it difficult for businesses to operate
  • There are a number of limited waiting bays on Claypath Lane, however, often these are fully parked up during school opening and closing times. We have also investigated the existing limited waiting (1 hour, no return within 4 hours) restrictions, which may have been suitable when first put in, but may not be now. As such it is proposed, to amend these to make it more flexible for parents and to provide greater parking opportunities throughout the day

Proposed parking restrictions:

  • Permit holders only parking Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
  • 2 hours limited waiting no return within 2 hours Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
  • no waiting at any time
  • no loading at any time

Types of restriction proposed:

  • Permit holder parking bays
  • Limited waiting parking bays
  • double yellow lines
  • double yellow kerb blip road markings

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Have your say

To give your feedback on these proposals, email your comments to

Closing date 17th December 2019

What happens next 

We will review all feedback.

Depending on the feedback we get, the proposals may change, or may not go ahead. 

Read more about how traffic and parking consultations work.

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