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Visiting Council buildings

NHS test and trace

Under rules set out by the Government to aid with the national test and trace service, designated venues, including facilities provided by local authorities, now have a legal requirement to maintain records of customer contact details and display an official NHS QR code poster to use with the NHS COVID-19 app.

When visiting a Council building, please use the NHS COVID-19 app to scan the QR code poster. Posters are displayed in the entrances of Council buildings.

If you do not have the app then we will ask for:

  • name
  • contact number

We will also record:

  • the date and time you visited
  • the names of any members of staff you visited

In line with Government guidance, we will:

  • hold all information safely for 21 days
  • dispose of all information securely
  • share information with the NHS test and trace service if needed

For full details read the privacy notice.

Face coverings

We ask that you wear a face covering in Council buildings.

When you are inside a Council building

When you are inside a Council building, please:

  • follow the arrows
  • follow the 2 metre social distancing guidance
  • use the hand sanitiser dispensers when entering and exiting the building

Watch the video

Our video shows what it's like to visit a Council building: 

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