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Home care: Who will provide your home care


  1. What home care can help with
  2. Who will provide your home care
  3. List of home care providers

Who will provide your home care

If you get home care from South Tyneside Council, the home care provider you are given will depend on where you live in South Tyneside. 

    Four home care providers work in different areas of South Tyneside: 

    Hebburn and Jarrow 

    If you live in Hebburn or Jarrow, your provider will be Hales Group

    This includes postcodes starting with:

    • NE31 1
    • NE31 2
    • NE32 3
    • NE32 5
    • NE37 3
    • NE10 0
    • NE10 8

    Horsely Hill, Whitburn and Cleadon

    If you live in Horsely Hill, Whitburn or Cleadon, your provider will be CRG.

    This includes postcodes starting with:

    • NE34 6
    • NE34 7
    • NE34 8
    • SR6 7
    • SR6 8
    • SR5 1
    • SR5 2
    • SR5 5

    South Shields (north)

    If you live in South Shields (north), your provider will be Human Support Group.

    This includes postcodes starting with:

    • NE33 1
    • NE33 2
    • NE33 3
    • NE33 4
    • NE33 5

    Boldon and South Shields (south) 

    If you live in Boldon or South Shields (south), your provider will be Comfort Call.

    This includes postcodes starting with:

    • NE32 4
    • NE34 0
    • NE34 9
    • NE35 9
    • NE36 0
    • SR5 3
    • SR5 4

    Contact us

    For more information, contact the Help to Live at Home team (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm): 

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