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School safety scheme informal consultation - Springwell Road , Jarrow

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Details of proposal

As part of the 2019/20 LTP programme the Traffic and Road Safety team is looking to propose the installation of a new signalised crossing at the junction of Springwell Road and Borough Road.

The proposals originated following concerns relating to road safety in the area, particularly around school start and finish times. The scheme consists of increasing the footway space at the junction of Borough Road and Springwell Road to allow for the provision of a signalised crossing on Springwell Road. It will also be necessary to narrow Borough Road at the junction and install a No Entry restriction as result of increased footway space. The no entry restriction will prevent motorists from accessing Borough Road from Springwell Road but will still allow the reverse manoeuvre.

There will also be some amendments to the existing parking restrictions in the area to relocate available kerb side parking.

It is felt the proposals will improve road safety in the area by;

  • Creating a safer crossing provision on Springwell Road through the installation of a signalised crossing
  • Reducing crossing distance on Borough Road as a result of the footway widening
  • Increasing footway space for pedestrians during busy periods
  • Reducing vehicle movements on Borough Road following the implementation of the No Entry restriction

The plan below shows the proposed scheme:

Springwell Road95.85KB

Have your say

To give your feedback on these proposals, email your comments to

What happens next 

We will review all feedback.

Depending on the feedback we get, the proposals may change, or may not go ahead. 

Read more about how traffic and parking consultations work.

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