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Assistive technology: Apply for assistive technology


  1. Overview
  2. How does it work?
  3. Types of equipment and how they work
  4. Apply for assistive technology
  5. Installation and repairs

Apply for assistive technology

The Technology and Independence Service based within South Tyneside Council offers support with a range of assistive technologies to help people remain independent at home.

Applying online

If you are interested in assistive technology, you can apply to get assessed to see what equipment you need. 

You can apply for an assessment online for yourself or for someone you know.

Apply for assistive technology

Other ways to apply

You can also call The Technology and Independence Service on 0191 455 5523.

We will contact you to talk about the technology you are looking for.

We can arrange an assessment to see what equipment would be helpful and discuss the costs with you.

Assessments can take place over the phone, or by visiting you in your home.

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