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Traffic and parking restrictions consultations


  1. Overview
  2. How proposals and consultations work
  3. Informal consultations
  4. Formal consultations
  5. New restrictions coming into force


On this website, you can: 

  • see details of current proposals and notices for permanent changes to traffic and parking restrictions 
  • find out how to have your say on proposals

Traffic and parking restrictions help to improve safety, as well as reduce congestion and improve access for residents. 

Proposals may include: 

  • School entrance restrictions
  • No waiting restrictions
  • Disabled bays
  • Loading bays
  • Resident permit parking
  • Limited waiting bays
  • Bus stops
  • Bus lanes
  • Off street car park charges or other restrictions 
  • Speed limits
  • Traffic calming
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • School safety zones
  • Junction improvements
  • Cycle facilities

Some of these proposals will need a permanent Traffic Regulation Order before they can be implemented. Other proposals (for example traffic calming and pedestrian crossings) do not need a Traffic Regulation Order to be implemented, but they do need a formal notice of the proposal. These types of proposals may go ahead once feedback has been considered, unless changes are needed following the feedback.

Proposals will usually need road markings, traffic signs or both. The consultation plan(s) will usually show where road markings and traffic signs will be located.

All measures are provided in accordance with applicable traffic legislation and Department for Transport guidance.

How proposals and consultations work  

Each proposal goes through a few stages before it can be agreed and implemented. For all proposals, there is time for local people and businesses to give feedback.

Stage one - informal consultation

  • Details of the proposal will be published on this website for local people and businesses to look at and give feedback. See current proposals.
  • Letters about the proposal will be sent to people who live nearby.

Stage two - review

  • The proposal may change following feedback from local people and businesses.
  • If the proposal doesn't need a Traffic Regulation Order, the proposal can be implemented once feedback has been considered and any changes have been made.
  • If the proposal does need a Traffic Regulation Order, it will move on to formal consultation. 

Stage three - formal consultation

  • Local people and businesses usually have three weeks to give feedback. 
  • The proposal and legal notice will be published on this website. See current formal consultations.
  • The legal notice will be displayed at the location of the proposal (for example on a nearby lamp post).
  • The proposal may also be advertised in other ways.

Stage four - review

  • The proposal may change, or may not go ahead at all, following feedback from local people and businesses.
  • Any representations from local people or businesses will be taken into account, before a final decision is made.
  • If the Council considers that the proposal should substantially change, it will go through more formal consultation.

Stage five - implementing the proposal

  • Once representations from any consultations have been taken into account, a final decision on whether or not to go ahead with the proposal will be made.
  • If the decision is made to go ahead with the proposal, the Traffic Regulation Order will be made. This will include a date for the restrictions to come into force. 
  • A 'notice of making' containing details of the decision to proceed, the date that the restrictions will come into force, and the right of legal challenge, will be published on this website. A copy will also be displayed at the location of the project (for example on a nearby lamp post). See new restrictions coming into force.
  • Any new signs or road markings will be put in place by the date that the restrictions come into force.

Informal consultations 

See below for details of informal consultations and how to have your say. 

Parking restrictions informal consultation - Lincoln Court, Rose Street, Hebburn

Vehicle access restriction informal consultation - St Georges Avenue, South Shields

Formal consultations and notices

See below for details of current legal notices and how to have your say. 

Formal consultation Permit Scheme - Arthington Way, South Shields

Formal consultation - Hylton Avenue, South Shields

Formal consultation - Walter Street, Jarrow

Formal consultation - Newark Drive, Whitburn

Formal consultation - (West Back) Sunderland Road, South Shields

Formal consultation Traffic Calming Moor Lane Area, Cleadon & East Boldon

Traffic calming formal consultation - Durham Drive, Jarrow

Formal consultation Amendment to Bus Street/Gate Keppel Street/Fowler Street South Shields

New restrictions coming into force

See below for details of agreed restrictions, dates they will come into force, and legal notices for made orders.

Notice of making - Walter Street, Jarrow

Notice of making - Argyle Street Area, Hebburn

Notice of making - Arthington Way, South Shields Resident Permit Scheme

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