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Rainbow Songwriting Project

Join in with this music project with Dan Donnelly.

Dan Donnelly is a singer-songwriter who performs around the world as a musician. He is also one of South Tyneside's hub partners and has worked with Rosie Prince (our Hub Consultant) to deliver live projects and performances in our schools. We have adapted planned projects into online versions and hope that everyone enjoys them and finds them useful. 

Dan will present a number of songwriting session centred around the colours of the rainbow. This will also promote literacy, safety and wellbeing (and can be linked to supporting the NHS). The project can also be incorporated with an art project where each line is drawn and written in different colours.

The Rainbow Songwriting Project is suitable for all ages. 

You can also try the Summer Singing Project.


Session one

Session two

Session three

Session four

Session five

Session six

Session seven

Session eight

Session nine

Session 10

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