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Coronavirus (COVID-19) taxi licensing

Renew your existing driver's badge

You can still renew your existing taxi or private hire driver's badge.  

To renew:

Your badge and license will be posted out to you.

It is essential that renewal forms and a fee are received as soon as possible.

Renew your vehicle licence

You can still renew your vehicle license.

To renew:

Mechanical vehicle testing at Middlefields has been suspended temporarily. Proprietors are required to show proof of a private MOT within 6 weeks of licence grant.

Plates and permits will be sent out in the post.

It is essential that an application form and fee are received as soon as possible.

These temporary arrangements remain under constant review.

Applying for a new vehicle licence or driver's badge

No new applications are being considered at this time.


If you have an issue or query relating to taxi and private hire licensing, contact the Licensing service:

The taxi licensing office at South Shields Town Hall is currently closed to the public until further notice.

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