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Music lesson videos and resources to use at home/school


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We have provided music videos and resources to use at home. 

We are keen to deliver the best possible musical opportunities for students in South Tyneside.

Everyone can use the resources below, including self-help videos, music tutorials and projects based around singing and songwriting.

Schools can also upload these resources to their own VLE.

Music activities

South Tyneside Music Service offers activities for children and young people.

As well as being fun, there are also learning benefits as they help develop music skills.

The sessions are around 15 minutes long and there will be a new set of activities each week. All activities will have a song or another element to practice each week, so there is something to work on every day.

Singing lessons

Singer-songwriter Dan Donnelly provides singing opportunities for Key Stage 3 (KS3), ages 11 to 14. 

Young singers will learn about the structure of the songs and how time-signatures help achieve the different 'mood' of each song. 

Lesson 1 - Singing - Dan Donnelly

Lesson 2 - Singing - Dan Donnelly

Lesson 3 - Singing - Dan Donnelly

Lesson 4 - Singing - Dan Donnelly

Lesson 5 - Singing - Dan Donnelly

Lesson 6 - Singing - Dan Donnelly

Resources for lesson 1: Lover by Taylor Swift and time signatures24.48KB 

Resources for lesson 2: Disco cycle of 5ths15.82KB

Resources for lesson 3: Sin City and intervals172.18KB

Resources for lesson 4: Relative Minor Chords - All I have to do is dream241.13KB

Resources for lesson 5: Playing in a difficult key - Ed Sheeran169.73KB

Resources for lesson 6: The Police and Semitones15.07KB

Drumming lessons

Musician Alex Watson shows how to make a 'junk' drum kit from household items and will be doing fun activities, using the junk kit to help develop a sense of rhythm and pulse. 

Sessions for Key Stage 2 (KS2) - ages 7 to 11 -  introduce music reading, and sessions for Key Stage 3 (KS3) - ages 11 to 14 -  work on more challenging songs.

Lesson 1 - Drumming for KS2/KS3 - Alex Watson

Lesson 2 - Drumming for KS2/KS3 - Alex Watson

Lesson 3 - Drumming for KS2 - Alex Watson

Lesson 3 - Drumming for KS3 - Alex Watson

Lesson 4 - Drumming for KS2 - Alex Watson

Lesson 4 - Drumming for KS3 - Alex Watson

Lesson 5 - Drumming for KS2 - Alex Watson

Lesson 5 - Drumming for KS3 - Alex Watson

Lesson 6 - Drumming for KS2 - Alex Watson

Lesson 6 - Drumming for KS3 - Alex Watson

Jenn Cherene - Music lessons

For younger children, singer Jenn Cherene provides singing and activities for early years pupils and a slightly more advanced set for Key Stage 1 (KS1), ages 5 to 7. 

Early years: 


More videos and resources

Videos and resources for:

Useful links

Sound Corset - A free tuning and metronome app 

Early years, primary school, or children with special educational needs or disabilities

Bucket Drumming - Bucket Drumming session on Youtube from Tees Valley Music Service. 

BBC Teach Bring the Noise - A range of free, fun and simple online music resources that can be used flexibly at home or in the classroom. The website offers interactive and inclusive activities for EYFS, KS1 and SEND pupils. Resources include, 'Thunder Jam' an animation series that can tie into themes of Spring, weather and Vivaldi; new songs in a variety of styles such as 'Music Time' and 'Golden' with lyric sheets; and the BBC Philharmonic over the coming weeks, children are invited to take part in the 'I am a Robot' sing, sign and dance challenge, where adults can send in videos of their child's robot performance for the chance for it to be included in a new BBC Teach Bring the Noise music video.

Sing Up at Home - Sing Up has been working on a new home-schooling area of their website, which houses songs, videos and activities for teachers to download and then upload to a VLE for pupils to use at home. You can view some of the resources on it whether or not you have an account or membership with them but will be able to access more as a member. Sing Up will be continuing to create and add more resources as quickly as possible.

Friday Afternoons - A free resource which connects teachers and young people with contemporary composers, through high-quality songs. The Song Bank contains scores, lyrics sheets and backing tracks for over 70 contemporary classical songs, plus associated resources aimed at supporting teachers to deliver singing sessions, including Charanga resources, worksheets, and videos designed for young people and teachers. 

Out of the Ark - Free resources to help you build a daily singing routine. They'll be providing songs for activities/challenges for teachers and parents to use in the coming weeks and full Words on Screen™ Videos of selected songs together with some activities to go with each song.

Music Express - Collins Music are offering free access to Music Express while schools are closed to support teachers, parents and pupils. Music Express is a digital resource for teaching primary music that's easy to use and accessible to non-musicians as well as music specialists. Set engaging music lessons from home with a wealth of songs, games and activities with simple, step-by-step instructions. Free access for home learning can be obtained by visiting the link above.

Sound and Music - Sound and Music is supporting parents and teachers by making Minute of Listening content available free of charge during the coronavirus emergency. You can now explore exciting collections of minutes and teaching resources. Using a minute every day, you can give children at home regular listening and appraisal activities, learn through discovery and establish a sense of routine. We hope this will allow as many children as possible to get a minute of creative listening every day and escape the confines of isolation through sound. To access this content, simply try a free trial account if you don't already have one, and then start listening!

Videos from Gateshead Music service- Lead Partner in GSTMEH: 

Secondary school

BBC Bitesize KS3 Music - Loads of practical steps for music-making and inspiring examples from famous musicians and artists. These guides are designed to enable 11 to 14 year old students to work through at their own pace, whatever their level, to develop their practical skills and get inspired about the potential of a career in music. The resources cover composition, performance, improvisation and evaluation skills and are ideal for short or long-term projects in the classroom or as homework. Topics include How to write a songHow to rap and Percussion. We've also teamed up with Ten Pieces to create five companion guides with detailed steps on making jazz music, minimalism, a Doctor Who themefilm composition and fusion music.

Open University - Open University offers three free useful resources for Secondary Schools: Introduction to Music Theory, Discovering the blues and Understanding musical scores.

The Great British Home Chorus - Gareth Malone's online choir - over 80,000 people have already signed up. Includes free sheet music for use by the chorus.

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