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Cleadon Flood Alleviation Scheme

During heavy rainfall, surface water flows can severely damage properties and businesses.

The Cleadon Flood Alleviation Scheme will help to protect local residents and their properties from the damaging effects of surface water flooding.

Works are planned to start in Summer 2020 and we are currently working on the design of the scheme.

It is hoped that over 129 properties will be better protected after the works have been complete.

Where will the scheme be carried out?

We have identified an opportunity to reduce the risk of flooding in Cleadon and are currently developing a proposal that will involve the management of surface water behind:

  • Sunderland Road on West Hall Farm
  • Cleadon Lea

Many properties in these areas have suffered from flooding in the past and / or are at risk of flooding in the future.

Who is carrying out the work?

Civil Engineers BAM Nuttall and Designers Royal Haskoning DHV are carrying out the works for this scheme.

How much is the scheme costing?

The Cleadon Flood Alleviation Scheme will cost approximately £1.2million and is part funded by the Environment Agency. 

Public consulation event 

A public consultation event was held on Tuesday 3 March 2020 to show residents the outlined proposals.

Another consultation event will take place before the works start, to inform how the scheme will be constructed.

Consultation plans and timescales

Outline plans are available to view below.

If you have any comments or views, please email by Sunday 15 March 2020.

Please note: the plans are subject to change during the design process

Cleadon Lea

Proposals are to improve an embankment behind Cleadon Lea and provide a storage area for water (see plan below) north of Cleadon Lea to capture overland flows from the fields.

The storage area has an opportunity to have some permanent wetland areas that would be beneficial for the environment.

Cleadon Lea consultation plan637.18KB

Sunderland Road

Improvement works will be carried out to the drainage ditches on West Hall farm.

This will reduce the amount of surface water that enters Sunderland Road Highways Drainage, freeing up space within the highway's drainage.

It will also stop the flows that come across the fields to the rear of Sunderland Road.  

Sunderland Road consultation plan404.75KB

Not all areas of Cleadon will benefit from the scheme.

The Environment Agency Flood Resilience Engagement Officer will be working with the community to share resilience messages and give advice as to how you can help to protect themselves from surface water flooding.

You can access this advice and information by emailing

More information

If you have any questions about the Cleadon Flood Alleviation Scheme email

For more information and advice about flooding see Flood and Coastal Risk Management

To find out more about how you can protect yourself against the effects of flooding, and to sign up the Environment Agency flood alerts visit Environment Agency: Floods destroy

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